Tasteless journalism or a stroke of genius?

In Uncategorized on December 13, 2007 at 11:40 pm

New York Post headline

Thanks, Feministing, for the heads up.

I first heard of Turner’s death in a sweatshop bookstore I work for. While processing loads of books, I heard loads of jokes just as tasteless as the news was passed around.

So, is the New York Post wrong in describing Turner’s death in such a manner? Is this an example of the lowest of the low journalism has to offer?

I think it’s a sign of what news outlets are going to have to do to grab web readers’ attention. What we’re doing now (as a whole) isn’t working, and this headline forced me to the Post’s Web site. Even better, it’s forced readers into a conversation, which is what journalism is supposed to do but doesn’t.

So far today, 30 Feministing readers have logged on to discuss the matter and/ or show their outrage through comments. Think of the reaction The Post would have received if they opened up the conversation on their own page.

  1. The headline didn’t sink in at first as I just read the article and kinda shrugged.Then it jumped out at me.Have you ever exchanged jokes with your co-workers or friends?Everyone is laughing and getting more relaxed.The jokes get a bit more risque.Then someone tells that one joke that just goes a little…too far.Everyone knows it, including the person who just said it.That’s kinda what this is.I know they probably thought they were being clever but……no.Just no.

  2. I’ve worked in a month-long Halloween attraction where bawdy, risque jokes abound, and the jokes that would get someone fired in a normal work setting are pretty normal. For example: a supervisor found a “Feel This” sticker, stuck it on his crotch, and walked around with his hands on his hips; he’d walk right up to people sitting down so his crotch was at eye level and start a conversation. So, I’m kind of spoiled.

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