Only 117 days to go…

In College Goals, Knitting on January 7, 2008 at 3:43 pm

I’m taking a cue from Arleen Spenceley who last semester kept my blogging class up-to-date on her graduation countdown.

At this time last semester, I was panicked. I couldn’t decide whether to graduate last semester (0n schedule) or use the extra financial aid I received to attend for an extra semester. I’m glad I chose the way I did, because if I had graduated last month, I wouldn’t have the skills I need to make it in today’s journalism.

Here are the skills I will gain from the the graduate class I’m taking that I should have learned before I qualified for my bachelor’s:

Out of all my classes, lectures, and guest speakers, I don’t think anyone’s even mentioned Flash. In fact, the only thing I knew about the program is that modern animators use it for their projects on the internet.

Web site design with HTML, CSS, XHTML or even Dreamweaver templates.
No class I took required me to even look into web design, although some professors hinted that it might be a good idea to get a domain.

My print professors never even mentioned taking video of anything, and my multimedia class focused too much on publication at a regional powerhouse, so print students weren’t nurtured to use the intimidating video equipment.

No one told me a good audio slideshow would do wonders for my career. For a long time, I worked off of tape recorders, because they were cheaper than digital. My current recorder lacks a USB port, so my recordings are trapped on the device.

I’m looking forward to Wednesday, where I’ll get my marching orders to prepare a multimedia news story that covers all platforms. I just wish I’d learned it all sooner.

If anyone wants to hire a fresh-faced journalist with two cats, a knitting addiction, and bright hair (red) please let me know. You have 117 days and counting.

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