When I was a kid…

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One of the blog conversations I’ve been following has been about kids and how media consumption will change in a big way once they control the world. Fred Wilson wrote the original post I caught about how teens watch TV DVDs instead of movies, use their phones as a security blanket, log into their social networking sites compulsively and play lots of video games.

Today, I caught Scott Karp’s response, where he compares his kid-life with his life now. It made me think about when I was in elementary through high school and how things have changed for me.

When I was a kid…

I read the paper every day.
I started with Baylife (in The Tampa Tribune, during their super-cool days when Kevin Walker wrote The Rail and Dave Barry’s syndicated columns were included in the Sunday edition of the Opinion page) and ended with Metro. Sports and Classifieds were often cast aside in disdain.

I didn’t have a computer; no internet for Wendy.
Okay, I did get a computer my senior year; it was about four or five years out of date, and I used it to play Myst and a Frankenstein game starring Tim Curry.

I watched TV 5-10 hours a day.
This depended on whether or not it was a school day. It also depended on whether or not I had movies or books available.

I read somewhere between 5-15 novels a week.
They ranged from Goosebumps to Moby Dick; I was an advanced reader and read Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in third grade, so I had a very eclectic selection even then.

I watched five movies or more in a week.
Sometimes I’d rent five movies for $5 from the video store and return them in three days, only to exchange them for five more. Horror was my genre of choice.

I was always years behind the video game curve.
And, I played sporadically, abandoning my systems for months at a time, but I did beat Myst in a relatively timely manner, and I played it and its sequels all the way through.

These days…

I am a news junkie.
I read at least one traditional local paper every day, read the school paper on weekdays, read the St. Pete Times online, read at least a part of my RSS feed every day and read Creative Loafing on Thursdays (when it magically appears on campus).

I spend too much time on the internet.
The internet is for researching, blogging and wasting my time with Myspace, email and drama on Livejournal.

I average about three or four hours of TV time a week.
I actually watch more TV on DVD, it’s what I want to watch when I want to watch it, and if I want to watch more, I can have a marathon. I usually watch about an hour of TV on DVD a day.

I read about one book for fun a week.
My reading is suffered from my having to work on projects and work at my job. It makes me sad.

I watch one or two movies a month.
The independent and B movies I want to watch aren’t readily available, because I don’t have Netflix. (I don’t have a credit card.)

I’m still years behind the video game curve.
I like Okami, Kingdom Hearts and DDRing. That’s about it, for now.

I read a lot of magazines.
I especially love socially progressive, struggling indie magazines.

So, I’ve given up big budget creations for reading news and user generated content on the internet. And, my reading is down. That’s not really because of the internet, it’s because when I’m in school, my reading is bogged down by class readings. Fortunately, I enjoy them. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with the newest pulp fiction out there.

So, how has your media consumption changed over the years?

  1. I wish I didn’t have a credit card. I managed to go without one til last year, though.

    Speaking of B-movies, I interviewed a local B movie actor recently. Google me and Joel Wynkoop if you’ve not seen it!


  2. And as far as media consumption is concerned, I’ll tell you about summers as a kid. Some days a week, I’d stay with my mom’s parents while my parents worked. And the rest of the days of the week, I’d stay with my dad’s parents. At my mom’s parents house, we weren’t allowed to watch TV til the last hour or two before my parents would pick up my brother and me. And at my dad’s parents’, we watched TV all day. Lol.

    Now, working in a newsroom, I read more newspaper then I’ve ever. In high school and earlier, it was a little harder to get me interested. Magazine-wise, I usually subscribe to one called Relevant and the rest I tend to buy off of stands when something about it strikes my fancy.

    And I do a lot of my other media reading on the Web.

    TV…lately, more than usual (probably due to homework-less nights now that I’ve graduated). And movies…always. At least a couple a week, anyway, and I rarely watch them anywhere but home because I won’t spend more than 4 bucks on a film. lol.

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