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FX is over, and I managed to meet only three of my goals. But, I’m happy.

I got to talk and network with loads of great people and creative types. I got some video footage of Nathan Fillion, Nicholas Brendan, and Elisabeth Rohm. Once I edit the footage (and get rid of the times I shook the camera because I didn’t have a tripod) I’m going to upload it to YouTube.

Here’s how things went today:

I woke up late, because it was an overcast, cold day outside, and I thought it was still sleepy time when it was really around nine.

I checked out, paid for my internet, and drove to the con.

I finally got a pic of the giant Wendy’s balloon, because there was (ironically enough) a Wendy’s convention next to my con. The lady at the desk outside would not let me visit the Wendy’s con.

I beelined to the Cuddle Monsters booth, where I bought a cellphone case, since I drop my phone way too frequently to be healthy for it.

I checked out the Nathan Fillion line (still excessively long), tracked down Katie, and finally got my answer as to whether or not I could interview him. (Stay tuned for info on my special Fillion-related post, “Stalking Nathan Fillion.”)

After the Fillion-related excitement, I interviewed Dan Brereton, who created the Nocturnals. He’s married to Chartruz Lovelace, who makes the Cuddle Monsters.

Then, I checked to see if it was a good time to interview Nell Wilson, or Fat Momma. She’d disappeared, so I watched an anime gameshow by Wasabi anime. After that was the Whedonverse panel.

After the panel, I tracked down each of the authors I met yesterday and interviewed them. In between interviews, I peeked at Wilson’s seat; she was always gone. Defeat.

My theory is that a band of donut-loving ninjas spirited her away. There’s always MegaCon, where I know I’ll have photographers.

I left right before the con ended; most of the celebrities were gone and the tables were packing up. I came home, and here I am.

I did notice some pretty bad breaches of etiquette from fans. (Forgive them Fillion, the know not what they do.) It’s inspired me to write a Mookychick article about the subject.

That’s about it, I’m looking forward to vegging out at least a little tonight before I get back into my writing groove.

If you have any questions about any of the things I just wrote about, check out last night’s post on the con, which has more links.

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  1. Mmmm… Fillion…

    I loved Firefly, the boxset is down to only $29.95 in Australia now 😀

  2. Where I live, Firefly varies wildley, from $20-$40, at the same store. Thank you, Target sales, thank you.

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