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In Consumer Review on February 8, 2008 at 6:50 pm

Thanks to a comment placed on my other blog, I discovered Helium. Because of my curious and experimental nature, I am now playing with the site to see if it’s a more viable way to make money than 451 Press or Pay Per Post.

So far, it’s a lot more user-friendly than 451 Press but possibly not as lucrative as Pay Per Post. I’m not sure if it will make as much money, because I’m not exactly sure how the earning system works. But, like 451 and PPP, earnings are sent to PayPal.

The site is easy to register with, and it has a detailed user guide to help writers navigate things like building a profile and tracking their earnings.  Instead of receiving a set amount per article, writers get royalties based on how popular and well written their articles are. Although, there is a marketplace where publishers ask for submissions, pick the best, then pay a set rate for those articles.

My favorite aspect so far is the earnings breakdown. I know, after one day, that I have earned $.01. I also know, thanks to the same page, that two articles I’ve written are ranked No. 1 in their respective categories, and the third article I’ve written is ranked No. 6 of 25. The earnings and payments page packs a lot of info into an easy to read format.

The biggest problem I have is the site’s emphasis on rating, and the addictiveness of ranking others’ articles. This is one of the things I tried to avoid, years ago, when I was a member of Writing.com. Even though I wasn’t the biggest fan of the rating system there, I think it’s better than the Helium system. Another plus: unlimited room on Helium for showcasing work. On Writing, the last time I logged in there was a space limit for portfolios.

Helium looks like a great resource for new writers who haven’t built up clips. The marketplace is also helpful for writers to gain recognition. A skilled writer with even a glimmer of talent will stand out. The user guide is also a great resource for writers to learn the dos and don’ts of self-marketing for their site.

I’ve set up my articles and about me page; it will be interesting to see how this particular site will pay out compare to the amount of work I put in.

  1. Hi Wendy,
    I do not mean to pour cold water on your efforts to earn income with Helium but my experience in the 4 mths with Helium was not a fruitful one and have since opted out more than 7 months ago.

    The many reservations I had about Helium – from the rating system, quality of articles at the top, the amount of plagiarism, revenue earnings and payment, admin integrity to gaming of the weekly contests (which I took part and won some!) – made me decide to opt out.

    Based on my time there, to reach payout at $25, you are going to have to invest a substantial amount of time and effort plus an enormous amount of articles, possibly in the hundreds and maybe even thousands. Those articles might just earn you more if there were posted here in your own blog.

    Here is an article that provides some food for thought about Helium :

    Just my 2 cents. Regards.

    P.S. – Found your site through Keli of Counterfeit Humans.

  2. Dan,

    Thanks for the heads up. I can see how the site would turn people off. One of the reasons I’ve been exploring different sites is to test them out to give my readers an idea of how they work. And, I’m glad you found me throgh Keli. I love her site.

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Like you I’m trying out a variety of writing sites, and reviewing them. I’ve been writing in Helium’s Marketplace, with some success. I’ve made a few hundred dollars in a few months, but I had to invest many hours. And then there’s a late turn of events that has Marketplace writers fuming.

    As for the pay per page views, I’ve had little return on my effort there. I don’t know what kind of articles get a lot of page views, but mine are not
    among them.

    My blog http://wordsforartormoney.wordpress.com/ chronicles my experience and opinions.

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