Site review: Helium, Pay Per Post, and 451 Press

In Consumer Review, Writing Opportunities on February 13, 2008 at 5:32 pm

I started out on 451 Press, with the first blog I was paid to write.

The network pays on a per view basis, and I earned about $5 a month. $5 for anywhere between 10-20 blog posts. After a while, it was hard to make myself write the posts. In addition to writing, I had to link back to at least two other posts in the network to get paid. While good in theory, it could be hard to make those other blogs fit into my blog’s theme. There was also no room for creativity when it came to my blog’s layout. However, the other blogs in the network were well-written (bloggers are screened and must go through a brief hiring process).

My take: 451 Press is a good starting point for mass comm undergrads who haven’t had an internship, have a light course load, and don’t have a part-time or full-time job.

After 451 Press, I joined Pay Per Post, a paid content site works through established blogs. PPP blogs are non-commercial ventures, so I used my Blogspot blog instead of 451 Press. PPP pays a flat fee per article, and the biggest rules are (1. bloggers must disclose paid posts and (2. blogs must alternate between paid and nonpaid posts. I’m averaging around $60 a month with the PPP system.

My take: PPP is a good system for established bloggers who want to earn a little spending cash and don’t mind their blog being taken over by annoying ads. Some members of the PPP network make thousands of dollars a month, and every payment I’ve been promised has made its way into my bank account.

In another bid to make money off of writing for the internet, I joined Helium. I’ve realized it’s not for me, although they’re currently holding a special event for the next two months where high quality writers earn extra money through every posted article, and they have a Marketplace (where sponsors send out article requests) that offers more bang per buck. Currently, my earnings state I’ve made $.07. However, I just received an email stating I’ve earned $7.50 for my articles plus the extra rewards for the event. So, I could possibly earn more than $100 in the next two months. I will probably submit semi-regularly to get at least a small return.

On the site, articles move up and down a ranking system, where users vote on specific articles. In order to succeed at the site without the special, limited rewards program, users must write a staggering amount of articles to make any money, and there is not instant gratification payment. I’ve also seen people in the message boards complain about users “revenge ranking” or automatically ranking well-written articles near the bottom as well as seen frustration from other users who have written for the network for months but haven’t earned more than a few dollars. Many of the articles aren’t well-written, which is another reason to avoid the site.

My take: Helium is a great site for wannabe writers who don’t understand the ins and outs of journalism or the book publishing business; it could lead to other opportunities and could possibly act as an okay writing portfolio.

  1. I happened across your blog in a tag search for blogging, and I am intrigued about your claims that there are blog sites I can go to that can pay me for my work.
    Seeing’s how I don’t know jack about selling stuff on eBay, and just narrowly escaped getting robbed by a membership middleman drop shipping outfit that charges exorbitant membership fees (with emphasis on the word “orbit”), I want to investigate these sites, but I don’t want to commit to anything yet.
    Is there a way I can find out how much I stand to earn from 451 Press, Blogspot, and Helium?

  2. The openings at 451 are here: http://451press.com/jobs/. Their pay model is here: http://451press.com/blog/new-pay-model/. You receive a small flat rate per post and a small rate based on how many views your blog brings in. They set you up with the blog space and have a community to help if you have problems.

    With Pay Per Post, you need a blog, whether it be through Blogspot or WordPress or a different provider. Since you have a site, I’d recommend starting a blog on that site, using WordPress software if it’s easier. Blogspot doesn’t pay anything, I just use my blogspot blog as a space to write paid posts. Pay Per Post’s info page is here: http://payperpost.com/bloggers/marketplace.html.

    With Helium, you just join the site, and they provide you with tools to start writing. You’ll earn pennies unless you take opportunities from their marketplace, win contests, or take advantage of special earning events they offer. Their info page is here: http://www.helium.com/user-guide/how-to-earn-money-at-helium/.
    They don’t actually provide their pay model, just an overview on how people can make money.

  3. Wendy, thanks for this info! Especially the links. We’re gonna check them out right now!

  4. Interesting take on Helium. I write there too, Marketplace mostly, under another name. Like you, I also decided to blog about it (hence my new name, lol).

    Wendy is right. Helium is vague about their pay-per-page-view incentive. If they don’t become more transparent in this regard, I believe their business will ultimately suffer.

    If one can actually write, Marketplace is the way to go at Helium.

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  6. I have tried may pay sites but they are slow and boring, also survey site, but the only legit ones are hard for you to be sent surveys. I prefer the pay per post sites like myLot, its the one i use. I get some 20-30 bucks a month just for commenting on discussion or looking at uploaded photos. if you want to try it here is the link:


  7. I am very tired joining program that not really pay me.Thanks for pay per post idea.


  8. why i can’t use wordpress to join PPP??? so sad…

  9. i agree with angel bearoh. Helium is fruitless. An articles price is not more than one dollar. they are not transparent about page per view. I think they must change their site. They must disclose their income to the writer s they will be fair.

  10. Tonight, I decided I should bring my writting online and get a little extra income out of it since I need money and writting is what I do all the time.

    The only problem, is that I really dont know the best methods or websites to look around at. You think you could help me?

  11. Thanks for the useful advice on 451, Helium & PPP its shark world out there.

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