Why I haven’t been posting

In Uncategorized on February 20, 2008 at 10:15 pm

Things are getting a little stressful here.

My job search has become my number one priority.

I’m currently taking a full load of courses, including a graduate course.

I’ve been following the local art scene, which has taken two to three nights out of my schedule each week for interviews and research.

I’ve been working on some side projects and having problems with them.

I’m getting ready for Megacon, which is going to take me somewhat out of the game for a whole weekend.

I’m trying to find time to finish up some craft projects to post on Etsy; I want to start a seller’s account there to show off my handiwork. (Working at a knitting or craft magazine someday would be amazing.)

My best friend is having a number of wedding emergencies; her wedding is in May.

My mom just announced that she will also be getting married, although that pressure’s off. She was going to make the date for June but has now decided to wait a year.

On the plus side, I did decide to take the plunge into making my own video for a blog post. It’s pretty simple and was an excuse to see what the cam on my MacBook can do. I made it for Nerdery Week.

  1. I understand about time becoming a bit scattered. I saw your video but had no sound so watched the silent version, unfortunately.
    I like the artwork on your walls and your afghan. That’s great that your Mom is getting married! I say that wishing I could find a fine fellow for my mom.

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