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In Writing Opportunities on March 4, 2008 at 2:05 am

So, even after reading about the lack of opportunities to change the world through journalism, you still think you have what it takes to change the world through writing? Here are three avenues to give it a try.


Vogue and Cosmo are not what I’m talking about here. Think more like Bitch or Tricycle. If you have a cause you can’t get enough of, read every publication you can and take notes on where you’d love to work in the process. If social causes aren’t your thing, search for trade and hobby magazines that are more to your liking. Just remember, magazine staffs are usually pretty small and therefore can be difficult to join.

Alternative Rags

Think the Village Voice or Creative Loafing. You might see an article about raw milk next to a review on the raw food joint down the road. Your mom might cringe at the trannie personals ads on page 19, but you’ll have more freedom to pursue your own writing desires and voice than at a traditional paper.

Start Your Own _____

Go ahead. Fill in the blank. Think your town’s nightlife is insufficiently covered? Start your own website. Think the music scene needs some followers? Print your own free weekly.

Take out a loan, apply for a grant, do what you need to do to get fundage for your new pet project. It’s the in thing to do in these black days for printed newspapers and old guard journalism. Just make sure you have a plan.

Coming up: How to get your dream job today’s uncertain climate.

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