The sky is falling and a room with a view

In Feminism, Fiction, Life Goals, Uncategorized, Writing Opportunities on June 17, 2008 at 1:31 am

Spring, summer, and fall are always fun times for Florida weather coverage. I’ve especially noticed this in the past few weeks, where drought conditions brought the Hillsborough River, a major river that runs behind my house, down to the point where there’s a large sandbar smack down the middle of it, and there is now a sandy beach extending at least fifteen to twenty feet past my dock. And, thanks to the beginning of hurricane season and summer rainy weather, we’ve been having regular storms pass through for the past two weeks.

The drought (which happens every year) is fun, because the local news outlets panic over which towns and counties are sharing water resources and which are mooching. They cover water restrictions and give a list of local officials and how much their households use in water each month. Now, the big story has been filtering reclaimed water and turning it into drinking water and whether or not the regular folks in Florida would stand for that kind of thing. If it worked in Waterworld, it could work for Florida, right? Instead of drinking other people’s filtered debris, I could just buy a filter and make my own.

Now that it’s raining again, I’ve noticed my local news stations running stories about the horrific storms. I think the local CBS station actually did a story the day after one storm, cataloging the storm damage in a neighborhood, which amounted to some downed branches and lost shingles.

I’m sure Tampa isn’t the only local coverage area where the stations make a mountain out of a molehill on a slow news days.

And, I’m going to apply for the A Room of Her Own Foundation’s Gift of Freedom grant and the scholarship they give every year for a writer’s workshop. If I win the grant, I will focus on my freelancing and a novel I’m working on. If I win the scholarship, I will be going to Georgia O’Keefe’s ranch in New Mexico to attend a workshop for women writers. I’m excited!

If there are any women writers out there who read this, I would suggest you apply.

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