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In The Art of Writing on June 6, 2010 at 5:04 am

I was watching the #query discussion on Twitter today when I noticed an agent complaining about vampire/ werewolf stories. This was worrisome, because the novel I’m working on started out as a vampire/ werewolf story. Now, it’s a blood magic/ nature magic story where humans channel different aspects of the divine. The blood mages channel death, while the nature mages channel the chaotic forces of nature. Still, in its present incarnation, it’s still too much like a vampire novel.

While I fiddle with the story line, I’ve decided to start working on the first draft of a new novel. Here’s how I came up with the bare bones of the story:

I knew I wanted the story to be about a woman who falls in love with an IT guy at a university.

I wandered downstairs to my apartment complex’s library to look for books for research.

On the way down the stairs, I decided that the woman should be an archeologist at the same university as the IT guy. It makes sense that the IT guy works for the archeology/ anthropology department.

I picked up a book on the world’s mysteries (by Reader’s Digest) and zeroed in on Atlantis. I discovered that some people really think Atlantis is the Bahamas. Huzzah! That’s close enough to home for me to work into a Calaveras plot! (Calaveras is my fictional city that I’ve been writing about for a couple of years now.)

I decided that the plot will revolve around an ancient, alien god who pushes the story forward. While I was thinking about it, I realized that the deity will be neither male nor female. It’s an alien god, not a Western god.

Now, I’m filling in the holes and working on a rough outline. And, I feel good about the plot points I’ve come up with so far.

  1. First of all, good work! I enjoy writing fiction aswell, and sometimes it can be quite a laborious process, despite the sense of fulfilment that comes at the end.

    Secondly, I just wanted to pop by to say thanks. I’m a student studying Creative And Media writing at Middlesex University, UK. I’ve wanted to be a journalist for a long time now, but mostly chose fiction because it took such a long time to believe I could do it.

    Your blog post about becoming a freelance journalist, and being taken seriously, really inspired me to create my own blog, and to try and make some good contributions. I’ve been getting quite alot of views lately, and although I’m still learning, I definately feel I’m on the right track.

    So thanks alot, and I hope that dream writing position does “fall into your lap” one day 🙂

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