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In Awesomeness, Nerdcore on June 19, 2010 at 5:52 pm

MC Chris is on tour, and he has Math the Band and MC Lars in tow as he rambles around the country. I went to their concert in Baton Rouge last night, and I’d have to say it was the most energetic show I’ve ever been to. Last night, I was the most excited I’ve been since I saw VNV Nation live a few years ago.

I’ve been a giant Math the Band fan since my friend Bethany first introduced me to their music around 2005/2006. In college, I often put Atom and his Package and Math the Band together on infinite repeat. The song Shark Attack is usually in my makeout playlist, because when I hear the song, I automatically stop what I’m doing and yell “Shark attack!” and sing along. Hilarity (awkwardness) ensues.

MC Lars was a pretty big draw to the show, but Math the Band sealed the deal.

Before the show, I hobnobbed with Justine (Math the Band) and bought some merch. We talked about how awesome the band is (on my part) and I got a free sticker, because I kept shelling out money for awesome stuff, like stickers and CDs. Then, I staked out a position somewhat near the stage and waited more than a half hour for the show to start.

Math (with the addition of Kevin) started the show. The duo was full of energy as Kevin manically played his guitar and Justine took care of everything else. At the beginning of their set, Kevin played so enthusiastic he inadvertently kept lowering his mic until he was hunched over. There may have been other mic issues, because it was hard to hear him. But, the crowd seemed to eat it up. There was a lot of dancing, moshing, and all-around participation.

MC Lars, with ytcracker, was up next.

MC Lars was my introduction to nerdcore, with Hot Topic is not Punk Rock (by nerdcore I mean artists who consider themselves nerdcore; Math the Band’s music was around before nerdcore, so I don’t consider it nerdcore at all). I would say that MC Lars is my favorite rapper, because I can relate to his tracks. They’re about literature and the problems with mass culture.

There were some more technical problems during the MC Lars set, but it actually worked out well. The audience was forgiving, and when they had computer difficulties, they played an impromptu Hot Topic (a song that has logged a lot of iTunes time for me). There was so much audience participation, I think Lars was a little shocked by it all. And, during Hot Topic a mosh pit was formed, which magically transported me to the fifth row of standing people, about seven or eight feet from the stage.

I was very impressed with ytcracker’s performance. He was performing while wearing a Power Glove. How awesome is that?

The glory of the night (at least for me) was when MC Lars, ytcracker, and Sully (MC Chris’s manager) sang Atom and his Package’s Lord It’s Hard to be Happy When You’re not Using the Metric System. The rendition had me singing along and pumping my first in the air. That’s the kind of thing that happens about once in a millennium. I also found out there’s an Atom and his Package tribute CD. Must buy!!!!!!

MC Chris ended the night. People were just drunk enough to be really annoying. I had a drunk couple dance into me, wipe their sweaty asses all over me, push me into other people, repeatedly hit me, knock of my glasses, and the small woman managed to scratch the outside corner of my left eye (even though she was on my right). They ruined the first half of the MC Chris set for me. All I wanted to do was escape from them. Finally, the person in front of me shifted, and I moved forward a few feet. The highlights of the MC Chris set were Fett’s Vett (I am constantly surprised my new New Orleans friends can sing along to the words of this song) and nrrrd grrl. The tshirt contest at the end was also pretty awesome. Fans were invited onstage to show off their nerdiest shirts with the chance to (eventually) win prizes. The winner was a “Pluto: Never Forget” shirt. I voted for it. It was awesome.

MC Chris then asked the audience to take pictures and donate some money to research on Cystic Fibrosis, which he said he has already raised around $65,000 for. His nephew has the disease, and he said it’s pretty much a race against time to find the cure and that people with Cystic Fibrosis usually live until about 30.

After his final song, I headed with the surge to the merch table and talked to Kevin about how awesome Math the Band is. We talked about my friend Bethany (who he knows) and how I’ve been listening forever. He signed the CD I bought, and I got a picture in.

Me with Kevin and Justine from Math the Band

Next, I headed to MC Chris’s table, dropped a dollar into the Cystic Fibrosis bucket (My second donation of the night, thanks for the chance to take part in tzedakah, guys!) and grabbed a classic pose photo with MC Chris.

Me with MC Chris

Next was the MC Lars table. ytcracker was there, and I was going to ask him to take a picture with me, but he handed me a free CD and disappeared. So, I have the CD… I guess I will try to get it signed and get a picture with him if he tours through Louisiana again or is performing at some sort of nerd convention I just happen to be at.

I bought a bumper sticker and a (signed!!!!!) poster from MC Lars. I got the chance to tell him how awesome he is and how he’s my favorite nerdcore rapper, and how he got me into nerdcore (it was ((I hope)) less fangirl than it actually sounds) and then took a picture with him. He said I was sweet, which made me pretty happy.

Me with MC Lars (dreamboat captain)

The best thing about seeing all these guys in concert was seeing how much they appreciate their fans. And, how much their fans appreciate them.

I’m glad this all came out mostly coherently. Yay for cafe au lait and zucchini bread.

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