Crafty Day

In Knitting, New Orleans, The Art of Writing on July 7, 2010 at 4:29 pm

It looks like I will be joining a craft group tonight. I will probably be knitting a kippah (I tend to do that). I might also bring my sketch book and some oil pastels for the occasion.

In Tampa, I was a member of a knitting group that met weekly at a coffee shop. The leader of the group moved to San Francisco, and we somewhat disbanded. I was also a member of a writing group that met twice. I was the head of that group. There wasn’t much real interest in it.

Here, I am also a member of a writing group. It is run by other people, and I am on probation for the next two weeks, then members will start critiquing my writing. I think writers should join writers group to build their productivity in addition to allowing them to have new sets of eyes look over their work. My productivity has skyrocketed in the past two weeks (although, being unemployed may also have something to do with it).

I think it is somewhat funny that my writer’s group meets in B&N, but the craft group tonight is meeting in an independent dive bar/ pub. Tonight should be interesting.

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