First good day in a long time…

In New Orleans, The Writing Life on December 21, 2010 at 4:12 am

Not that the past few months have been full of bad days. They have just been too busy to really enjoy.

I am going to be working at the local community college soon, so while I will still be busy, I won’t be working eight hour night shifts on my feet any more. I expect to be less tired, and I think I will have more time on the weekends to explore the city, which is one of the reasons I moved here.

Today I called in to work (tip: do not eat chicken drumettes when the bone is red), and this afternoon I went out for lunch with my friend Moira. We were supposed to grab a quick lunch, then head out to a Chinese market, but we never left the French Quarter.

Moira reaching for a cup of coffee to keep her body temp up in the extreme cold.

We braved the freezing 60 degree temperatures and ate on the patio of The Green Goddess. We started out with hot coffee. Then, I ordered their take on the Bloody Mary: yellow tomatoes, pickled okra, pepper, hot sauce, whatever alcohol goes into a Bloody Mary. Then, I had grits with melted manchego cheese and a Ploughman’s Lunch, which was an assortment of artisanal meats- salami and two types of sausages- with cheese, creole mustard, pickled onions, and warm bread. Moira ordered the Acadian Breakfast, which was sausage, sweet potato biscuits, the same cheese and grits, with pepper jelly and cane syrup.

Picture by Moira, my own valiant attempt to keep from freezing.

We visited the French Market, which is a New Orleans flea market geared mostly to tourists. I found a few things I wanted, though. We dipped into The Quarter Stitch, which is a New Orleans knitting shop. The yarns were yummy, but I didn’t find anything I had to have. Perhaps my favorite discovery of the day was the Dashka Roth jewelry and Judaica shop on Chartres. I found a lot of “must have” necklaces and mezuzot. I intend on wandering back over there some time soon to pick out a Star of David necklace.

I came home and slept off my busy day for a while (Moira didn’t want to drive across a busy bridge during rush hour traffic to get to the Chinese market) then headed out once again to pick up Theo’s pizza (my favorite pizza parlor in the city) and grab some moisturizer and face wash from Walgreens. My skin is used to Florida humidity, so I am in the middle of a dry skin freakout. The pizza was fabulous: Canadian bacon, goat cheese, banana peppers, mozzarella, and mushrooms on a thin crust. Carrying out a large is the same price as having a Dominos pizza delivered, so I figured I would venture the five minute drive out into the brisk 50 degree temperatures, especially since I was already running an errand.

Picture by Moira: A Ploughman's Lunch.

Now I am happy, warm, and enjoying the aftermath of a perfect day.

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