My Wii is evil…

In Uncategorized on February 15, 2011 at 3:26 am

I’ve lived in my apartment for a year and a month and an half. When I first moved in, I tried connecting my Wii to the internet. Every time it tried to connect, there was an error. I gave up.

Friday night, I decided to try again. After six or seven tries, my Wii connected and updated. Now I have Netflix, N64 games, and Wii internet at my disposal. I started playing Paper Mario tonight, and an hour and an half later, I looked at the clock and was surprised at how much time had gone by. So far, I have been getting about the same amount of work done. I have exercised more and cleaned more, because now I have a different kind of background noise than music.

Time will tell whether or not this is going to negatively impact my writing and grad school careers.

  1. Sounds like you are trying and that is what counts.

    The wii can be a fun thing but in moderation.

    Keep in mind your goal to be such a great author that you need a body guard!

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