Naked Pizza

In Awesomeness on April 2, 2011 at 3:29 pm

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to order from a local franchise down here, Naked Pizza. They offer “health pizza,” pizza made with an ancestral grain crust and fresh ingredients. Since I moved here, the chain was always too far away to randomly visit, nestled in the uptown area. However, last week, they opened a location ten minutes away from my apartment. I bought a pizza on my way home from work a few nights ago (convenient!) and tried it.

From that one pizza, I decided that this is my new favorite pizza place. The pizza wasn’t dripping in grease. The tomato sauce wasn’t too sweet or bitter. The pizza was finished so quickly that I was surprised. Even better, the pizzas themselves start at $5.

I ordered my old standby. Pepperoni and mushroom. The pepperoni was crisp, and I could taste the herbs in the tomato sauce in small bursts of happiness. The pizza was cooked to my preferred level, where the cheese was melted and gooey all the way through (many pizza places produce pizzas I think are undercooked).

When I ordered my pizza for carry out, the girl behind the counter told me I was just outside the delivery area. But, I logged into online ordering a few minutes ago, and it let me enter my address and told me my store was the one that is now a few minutes away, so Success! Or maybe not. It might be bad to have such a good pizza chain so close to home, even if it is healthier than most.

In related news, @qitou sent me Cadbury Creme Eggs because of all of the kvetching I’ve been doing on Twitter. They arrived on the same day I bought my Naked pizza. On that day, I ate like a king! Or, at least like a gentile.

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