Good Fast Food

In Awesomeness on June 5, 2011 at 3:59 am

Boyfriend Alex and I went shopping today; he went to work, and for dinner I had a pastrami sandwich. Then, I made the ultimate fast food, thanks to the Chinese market we visited a week or two ago.

Super Fast Soup Recipe:

1- 2 cups water (or broth, then skip step 2)
1- 2 servings instant broth of some kind
a handful of fast-cooking Asian noodles (I used ramen)
a handful of mushrooms
1 Tbspn of white miso
packet of pickled vegetables*

1. Boil water (or broth). 2. Dissolve instant broth into boiling water. 3. Throw noodles into cooking soup. 4. Slice mushrooms and throw into soup. 5. Continue to boil soup until noodles are soft. 6. Take soup off of heat and dissolve miso into soup. 7. Top with pickled vegetables. (You can also top with bean sprouts, corn, onions, seaweed, and other toppings you have handy.)

This whole process takes 5- 10 minutes, and the results have made me happy every time, even when I was using an instant soup cube that’s been sitting at the back of my cupboard for a few months. With all of the ingredients, it probably cost between $1 and $2 to make, but some of the stuff had been sitting in my kitchen for a while, so it’s hard to say what I paid for it all.

*Pickled vegetables pretty much have to be bought at an Asian market, and they come in foil packets.

++There is a lot of sodium in the miso, most soup powders, and the pickled vegetables. If you add soy sauce for taste, it would up the sodium even more. That’s about the only worrisome aspect of this recipe.

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