About me

Wendy with Kevin and Justine from Math the Band

Wendy Withers is a graduate student studying professional writing and English literature at the University of New Orleans. She has been extensively published in newspapers and magazines. She has also published a few short stories and won an award from St. Leo College for an horror story she wrote in 1999.

Wendy is currently living with her two cats, Kitty and Serious Black, in a deluxe apartment in the sky. You can find her wandering local parks, writing in independent coffee shops, and exploring all of what New Orleans has to offer.

  1. At…


    I read about your interview with Nell Wilson, your favorite.

    If you have a backlog or too many interviews to do yourself, and/or you want to write more and type less, I’m here, at http://www.VerbatimIT.com

    Thanks for reading.


  2. You have a blog! How did I not know that? Have we stopped writing each other? I’ve forgotten who was ‘it’.

    I’ve been writing my book. I wonder if it will ever end. I’m glad you are doing things you like doing.

    I’m not sure I ever had a plan A. Life just happened.

    Ah well.

    Take Care, Wendy!


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