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Current Work

UNO’s Writing Center
Personal Tutoring, Workshop Instruction, Online Tutoring
Start: August 2011

As a graduate assistant at the University of New Orleans, I help students hone their writing through one-on-one instruction and writing workshops.

Web Maintenance, PR, Web and Print Design, Data Entry and Management
Start: July 2010

I do a little bit of everything at Jewish Children’s Regional Service, from maintaining our donor accounts to designing cards and flyers. I also keep our website updated and our email newsletters scheduled.

Past Work

Adjunct Professor
Start: January 2011 End: May 2011

I taught basic writing classes at Delgado Community College in line with departmental benchmarks. Students learned form and mechanics for standard written English and were guided through the writing process with an emphasis on writing as practice.

St. Petersburg Times

Start: December 2008 End: January 2010

I covered the local government beat for Dade City and Zephyrhills, Florida. I made contacts in the cities’ governments, followed leads, generated time driven and evergreen story ideas, and kept up with the Times’s fast-paced, deadline driven news cycle.

Editing, Designing, Fact Checking, Writing, Advertising
Start: March 2008 End: December 2009

I was the “it” girl. I did a little bit of everything, from office work to designing 60 sell sheets in two weeks then creating a book InDesign and transforming them into a catalog. Basically, I was a one-stop-publishing-shop for my employer.

Metromix Tampa
Freelance Contributor
Start: March 2008 End: June 2009

I wrote articles and venue listings for Metromix Tampa, keeping the site filled with information on the hottest events and locations in Tampa, FL.

411 Magazine
Start: May 2008

I write “The Week” and “Top 5” for the Central Florida edition of this gay weekly.

Start: April 2007

Over the past year, I have had a number of editorials and articles published in this online magazine. The editors have also acquired rights to many of my personal and previously published blog posts.

Sticks of Fire
Start: November 2007

I cover the art beat for the blog and contribute blog posts on subjects I find interesting.

Past Internships

The Tampa Tribune
Multimedia Intern
Start: August 2007 End: December 2007

Wrote articles on assignment with a multimedia journalism team, took photos and videos, uploaded multimedia content to TBO.com.

Tampa Bay Illustrated
Editorial Intern
Start: May 2007 End: July 2007

Wrote brief articles, composed charts and documents for staff use, kept events calendar current months in advance of publication, pitched story ideas for future issues, copy edited and fact checked articles.

Creative Loafing
Editorial Intern
Start: October 2006 End: January 2007

Wrote briefs for area events, entered music events into the Creative Loafing database, wrote movie reviews and features, copy edited and fact checked articles and briefs.

Past Journalism Work

The Oracle
Staff Reporter
Start: October 2005 End: May 2006

Wrote news articles and movie reviews at my campus daily, kept an eye out for relevant news story ideas and pitched them when appropriate.

The Tampa Tribune
Freelancer Journalist
Start: October 2006 End: June 2007

Wrote and pitched book reviews and feature articles for the Baylife section of the newspaper.


University of South Florida
BA: Journalism
Start: August 2004 Graduated: May 2008

Relevant coursework includes Advanced Reporting, Publication Design, Magazine Feature Writing, Communications Law, Communications Ethics, Multimedia Journalism, Multimedia Journalism (graduate level)


Received the Adah Schaich and Robert Hudson scholarships in Journalism from the University of South Florida’s School of Mass Communications in 2007 and was on the Dean’s List for the College of Arts and Sciences.

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  2. sounds good to me wendy!

  3. I attempted to use a critical eye and was hard-pressed to find fault with your resume. Clear and easy to understand. Do people ask for references these days? (It’s obvious I haven’t had a resume in a while). If so, you could add at the bottom, centered, “references provided on request.”

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